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J. David Mullaney auxiliary illustration
Born in Virginia
Living in Colorado

A Tribute to My Special Dad


There have been many special people and events have been important in my 13 years of life. The most important example is David Mullaney, my dad. He has greatly influenced the person I am today, not only by what he says, but more importantly by what he does. All the little (yet so important) things he has done make him so special. Dad always wants the best for us. Recently, Mom called Dad and asked him if he could please get some dinner on the way back. With a good attitude, he went to King Soopers and bought everything we needed. He demonstrates freely the signs of a loving, caring, faithful, and patient dad. Dad is consistently happy to help us with our homework whenever we need help. He is very patient, even if I call him every few minutes to ask him a question while he is diligently working. For the future, I will remember all these qualities and make sure I treat my kids that way, too.

Dad is the best example I know demonstrating how to live the fruits of the Spirit. There have been several times in the past few years where he has gone through tough times. He has never given up, but instead Dad continues striving to reach his full potential. There have been times of uncertainty, but Dad has always trusted God to work what He knows is best. Dad does not get stressed over little or big things; he takes it one day at a time. He is the number one person in my family who exhibits this attribute. After living and experiencing his example for 13 years, I have become in many ways just like him. Because of that, I do not get stressed if something is not going well or not happening right. Seeing Dadís trust in the Lord and his striving to do his best is the main reason I am who I am today.

I also see his example of kindness to others. He is always seeking ways to help someone on the street with a flat tire or just make the cashier laugh. If I see someone struggling with her groceries, I think that Dad would (and does) take the extra 30 seconds to help; his example encourages me to do it, too. He is very patient when Mom and I interrupt him or DJ. He will calmly tell us that we should not do that. He is the best example on earth (other than Jesus of course) on how one should act and treat others. Becoming more like Dadís calm and caring example has helped me to reach out to others. He is the most significant person in my life by doing a fantastic job showing how one can try to be like Jesus.

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